Gotta fix one more thing before the next drop

Geeknote: I am using Zinc  to give Flex the abilility to read and write .chipwit files. The open and save dialogs in Zinc have a problem  – they only appear intermittently. I have a theory about how I can work around this. It’s an ugly bug because 20% of the time you select Save or Open ChipWit no dialog appears, and it’ll appear later or when you quit the game.

I am going to invite a few more people into the beta test when I make this next drop, so I hate to have such an ugly bug in it.

Margaret still isn’t feeling good – her antibiotics haven’t kicked in like they should have 5 days after her pneumonia diagnosis. So I will probably take her back in to the docs tomorrow. Wish her well!


2 Responses to “Gotta fix one more thing before the next drop”

  1. one of us Says:

    Margaret, we’re pulling for your rapid recovery — hang in there and kick them bugs out! Big hugs 🙂

  2. doctordroog Says:

    Thanks. She’s doing fine – sleeping well. I’ll post later tonight. I am beat.

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