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To summon ChipWit tap and destroy target Black Lotus

January 3, 2007

Today Margaret and I performed a powerful piece of gamer voodoo – we sold our Black Lotus (unlimited edition) to help finance dev of ChipWits.
The Black Lotus is the most $-valuable (and one of the most game-valuable) cards from Magic: The Gathering – Richard Garfield’s brilliant game. Margaret and I were Magic addicts for years and had tons of good gaming fun with our cards. I traded up to the Black Lotus when it was worth about $175.

As you can see from Troll and Toad’s buy list we are getting $750 for our Unlimited Black Lotus. They are buying another 300 cards from us for $256 – so $1k of ChipWits seed money comes from our Magic cards. Poetic.

ChipWits don’t get summoning sickness so I am attacking with him this turn. Take 21 points of damage, 2007 Indie Game Top 10 List!