Blatherings from The Pad

I am an old-fart game developer living in a lakeshore cabin among the flying squirrels of the North Woods of Wisconsin

Doug in his canoe

I co-created (with Mike Johnston) the classic ChipWits (’84) – the best educational game on the Mac in its first year by many magazines’ estimations.

I am also proud of The King of Chicago (Cinemaware, ’86). Free D.C.! would have been another classic if we had shipped it 6 months later, but we gave it our best.

Currently working my glutei off reviving ChipWits in collaboration with Mike Johnston, Margaret Sharp, and Kellyn Beeck.

My weirdly wonderful daughter is currently living at The Pad to save money and to do all the art for ChipWits. She’s been a great sport about leaving her natural environs of Puget Sound to live among the flying squirrels and mice (she’s caught over 8??? mice in a mousetrap in her room). Her hobbies include reassembling deer skeletons (recovered from 2 wolf kills with a half mile of The Pad) and crocheting disturbing artifacts.

I am slowed down quite a bit by a vile combination of epilepsy and peripheral neuropathy which I call brainrot. I am at about 30% of my full horsepower. I have good days and others. I relish the good days and minutes and push through the others.

Brainrot has taken big chunks out of my life. Just after King of Chicago was a hit in 87 I was knocked out of action for 3 years.

Nine years ago I had a great gig as Demo God of Microsoft Research’s Virtual World’s Group when I started having seizures again. I was out of action for 8 years and just a year ago got well enough to start (a collaboration with Bobby Henderson – Prophet of The Flying Spaghetti Monster).

I realized I was running out of money and my old pal Kellyn Beeck (Defender of the Crown ’86 and other hits) said – There’s gold in them thar ChipWits, me lad.


Okay, I see I should turn a lot of this stuff into blog entries.

All in all I’ve had a great ride in life and can’t wait to see what happens next.


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