Doug Sells Out!

The Clarion West Write-a-thon is going swell. I’ve hit my 500 word/day target every day since Sunday. I’m going to cross the 110k word line tomorrow for total Channel Zilch word count.

I’ve got an auction at eBay going for the Write-a-thon:

“Be an Astronaut or a Hacker in the Novel Channel Zilch”

I’ll let you name an astronaut or singularity hacker in the book if you win the auction. I’m proud (and a bit surprised) that it has a bid from someone I don’t know. A cheap way to have your name enshrined in high-class literature – bidding has started at $10.

Time to work on ChipWits.


2 Responses to “Doug Sells Out!”

  1. Kevin Goldsmith Says:

    Droog! You are in Seattle! Give me or Eric G a call!

  2. doctordroog Says:

    I am coming in for a visit on July 12th. I’ll call you.

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