Loon sad

We showed The Pad to the first prospective buyer yesterday. M and I worked ourselves hard and the place was looking good.

The person who looked at it is a writer and a real outdoors person – a perfect prospect.

The single thing that makes me saddest about selling The Pad is the cry of the loons at night. Sometimes they will serenade for a good hour between 2 and 3am. I’ll miss them.


2 Responses to “Loon sad”

  1. Klaus Says:


    I’d love a place like this as well. Only problem being that it doesn’t have a thumb-thick optic cable to the nearest Internet port 😉

  2. doctordroog Says:

    It’s got rock-solid DSL, better than a the connection I had in Seattle.

    I hope to buy a place on this lake again sometime in the future. It’s an amazing place.

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