Margaret’s Got Pneumonia – Doing Well

Margaret is resting while the antibiotics ZAP her pneumo-germs. We got her to the doc early so it was only in one lung.

I have ordered her to goof off bigtime. She’s in great spirits and resting well.

We are keeping the cabin extra-toasty with our woodstove.

Tomorrow I’ll post a ChipWit Challenge – not a contest but a theme to goad IBOLheads to show off their creative chops.


4 Responses to “Margaret’s Got Pneumonia – Doing Well”

  1. one of us Says:

    Oh, geez — so sorry to hear that! Glad she’s doing okay, but I hope the antibiotics knock those bacteria out good. Get her some vitamin B50s and lots of C. Give her a big hug from both of us.


  2. Klaus Says:

    Get well soon, Margaret!
    I particularly like your graphics of the ChipWits ‘hand’ – very nice đŸ™‚

  3. doctordroog Says:

    Thanks, guys. She slept well last night and I am forcing her to goof off.

    The woodstove is glowing and I am going to knock off some bugs.

  4. Gilbert Brugler Says:

    Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that is caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. It is characterized primarily by inflammation of the alveoli in the lungs or by alveoli that are filled with fluid (alveoli are microscopic sacs in the lungs that absorb oxygen). At times a very serious condition, pneumonia can make a person very sick or even cause death. Although the disease can occur in young and healthy people, it is most dangerous for older adults, babies, and people with other diseases or impaired immune systems. :

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