ChipWits Build drop tonight

Margaret and I are working to put up a new build on before we hit the sack (which averages 3 am for us).

Thanks to everyone who keeps checking this blog for progress on the game.
I just got back from a walk on the lake. New snow shows off the evolutionary drama of my wild neighborhood. In the middle of Lake Almira we found a kill site – looked like bobcat tracks with big paws close together – with only a few sprinkles of blood left of the victim/meal. Mika and Travis were fascinated by the smell and taste of the pink snow.

I’ve got the woodstove glowing. Tonight’s sunset has faded to frigid greys.

Back to coding.


2 Responses to “ChipWits Build drop tonight”

  1. one of us Says:

    Well, I know you’re burning the midnight oil getting ChipWits up, but some of us want to see pictures of the natural beauty you so eloquently describe, so quit slacking and get some piccies up, dammit! 😉


  2. doctordroog Says:

    You want more pictures of MOI?

    Will do!

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