ChipWits and The Mac

Mike and I wrote ChipWits in 1984 – the year of the Mac. We got our hands on one of the futuristic little beige toaster the first week they were available retail.

Old Mac running ChipWits

Within 6 months we had created one of the best games for the Mac, as certified by numerous year-end magazine Best Educational Game awards

The first time I saw ChipWits in a computer store was a real rush. I stopped in to check out an Apple store and there was my baby running as the demo on their single Mac. Proudly I buttonholed an employee and asked where the boxes were.

The dude got flustered and admitted that it was a pirate copy. He said that a friend who worked at Apple had given him the copy. Hope ChipWits sold a few Macs for you, Mr. Jobs.

Now, being rather poor due to my neural problems, I don’t own a Mac. But it is important to me to release a Mac version of ChipWits on the same day as the Windows (and I hope Linux) versions. So I’m at an old friend’s house in Minneapolis working on his Mac to get an OS X hqx bundle ready.

And I look forward to buying a new Mac with some of the first ChipWit bucks to roll in.

Love the Mac, but Amiga was the most fun computer to program for.

*Thanks, Senor Wences, for the photo of ChipWits running on an old Mac.


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